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Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness ALBUM REVIEWS!
I’ve been REALLY behind on my music album reviews as of late, having developed about half a dozen that I’d really like to take the time and voice my opinion on.  In fact, I’ve waited SO long and procrastinated SO much that the artist of one of those albums has released ANOTHER album in this span of time!  Given this opportunity, I figured I would kill two birds with one stone, and make it a special occasion by making it a full-fledged upload rather than a journal.
I don’t know about EVERYTHING, music-wise, but people seem to have enjoyed my movie reviews and things in the past.  Hopefully you’ll humor me and give this a read, and you may even find out more about an artist you don’t know yet.
So, the album(s) I would like to review today are from an artist known as Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness.  Those of you who have followed this (BRILLIANT) man’s career may better know him under his full band projects of the past:
:iconboltrobankai:BoltroBankai 0 0
Comic Con haul! by BoltroBankai Comic Con haul! :iconboltrobankai:BoltroBankai 2 0 Made Ya Look! by BoltroBankai Made Ya Look! :iconboltrobankai:BoltroBankai 1 0 Zootopia Stories Teaser [READ DESCRIPTION!] by BoltroBankai Zootopia Stories Teaser [READ DESCRIPTION!] :iconboltrobankai:BoltroBankai 12 2 IT IS MINE! by BoltroBankai IT IS MINE! :iconboltrobankai:BoltroBankai 5 9 #Furry by BoltroBankai #Furry :iconboltrobankai:BoltroBankai 5 5 FAN-tastic Mr. Fox collection by BoltroBankai FAN-tastic Mr. Fox collection :iconboltrobankai:BoltroBankai 2 0 Gamer of Twilight by BoltroBankai Gamer of Twilight :iconboltrobankai:BoltroBankai 1 2 A Very Guardians Christmas, part 2 by BoltroBankai A Very Guardians Christmas, part 2 :iconboltrobankai:BoltroBankai 3 0 A Very Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas by BoltroBankai A Very Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas :iconboltrobankai:BoltroBankai 5 3 Hyrule Warriors get by BoltroBankai Hyrule Warriors get :iconboltrobankai:BoltroBankai 1 9 Five Nights at Sajin's [GAMEPLAY LINK INCLUDED] by BoltroBankai Five Nights at Sajin's [GAMEPLAY LINK INCLUDED] :iconboltrobankai:BoltroBankai 5 0 drifterdriverbikeryoutubeuploadermariokartget by BoltroBankai drifterdriverbikeryoutubeuploadermariokartget :iconboltrobankai:BoltroBankai 2 2 Nerdnoobtryhardspazdropshottercamperlawlz by BoltroBankai Nerdnoobtryhardspazdropshottercamperlawlz :iconboltrobankai:BoltroBankai 0 8 Robby Takac by BoltroBankai Robby Takac :iconboltrobankai:BoltroBankai 1 0 ...and continues by BoltroBankai ...and continues :iconboltrobankai:BoltroBankai 1 0
Mostly going to be stories and other useless junk...

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A very simple and original choice for a first attempt at realism. The pose is kind of difficult to do from my perspective of artwork, b...



  • Listening to: "Be Brave" - Owl City
  • Reading: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
  • Watching: Infinity War theory/rumor videos
  • Playing: Warframe (PC)
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Hey guys! Been a while since I’ve done a journal, and some semi-important updates need to be disclosed.

So I’m gonna be real with you guys…
I haven’t written anything in over 7 months.

And that’s right when I started my new job, so I COMPLETELY understand the cause. Work has obviously taken up a lot of my time, and on top of that, the new income has allowed me to get two gaming consoles that I’ve wanted, so I’ve been pretty distracted in my free time as well.

I’m fortunate that at least my superhero motivation is very healthy at the moment. I’m EXTREMELY hyped for Infinity War, and I even bought some more comics last weekend. I’m still thinking about the SUPERverse and where it’s going practically non-stop as well. It’s just a matter of putting the time and effort into actually writing things out that just…isn’t happening.

On top of this, what really has me concerned is that my mind is also wandering back to some previous projects of mine.

The most prominent at the moment comes from the fact that I recently bought Okami HD on Steam and have been replaying that classic gem of a game. Some may not recall that I actually had an Okami fan-fiction a LONG time ago, back when I was originally playing the game upon it’s Wii release. The concept is from a time back when I didn’t care so much about making a fan-fiction that was grounded in the source material’s reality and feasibility, as I do now with projects like Balto -4- and the Zootopia stories (if they ever happen), but I liked the narrative I had come up with and was having a lot of fun with it. I always regret that I abandon projects all too often and don’t give them the attention they deserve, and I would have another cool character to use to interact with others if I had gotten a little farther in the story. So, I’ve been rereading the existing chapters and recalling the way things were supposed to progress, and I’m thinking I may get back to it if I’m able to pick things back up.
I’ve also been thinking more about some of the stories I just haven’t done to introduce some other ‘sonas of mine, like the werewolf Dante Ciaran for example. I’ve basically just had too many recent instances of “I could do cooler things in an RP if I had actually developed this particular character a little more”, and it’s starting to bug me.

The PROBLEM with this, though, is that this is the first time I’ve REALLY been thinking about other projects since beginning the SUPERverse a few years ago. Sure, there was the whole Zootopia stories announcement thing, but to be honest my motivation for that just died off SO quickly that it doesn’t even count anymore. That’s another issue altogether, as I have no idea WHAT happened with that, but I know that I barely even want to watch the movie anymore.

ANYWAY, my previous track record with projects indicates that, when my mind usually starts to wander to new or old projects, I abandon what I was already working on in favor of them. In this case, the SUPERverse would be the one abandoned, and that worries me.

I’m NOT saying I’m positively going to abandon it at this time. I don’t WANT to abandon it; I’ve barely started it and have SO many cool places for it to go. I REALLY want to see it through…but to be honest I don’t see things through very often.

All of this may be a moot point anyway if I NEVER get to writing anything as long as I’m at this job. Just two days off a week just isn’t enough, you know? I’m usually stuck doing other things most of the weekend, then I dedicate ONE night to trying to get SOMETHING, ANYTHING done and it doesn’t happen. I need to try more, and at different times and intervals throughout the week.

I have another plan to rekindle my SUPERverse motivations as well, though. I think I’m finally going to give in and just make a dedicated FurAffinity profile for it. I’m pretty sure most of the attention for the project, at least in terms of pageviews, came from there, and the Weasyl page for it just hasn’t worked out. I don’t want deviantART to be the only place with an active dedicated account for the SUPERverse, so I’m just going to put my personal hindrances aside and just go for it on here.
Hopefully those who are/were interested in the project will rewatch me over on the new account once it’s made. I’ll try and update as I can to make sure everyone’s aware of the move.

This transition does NOT mean that my normal profiles will be abandoned in favor of the new one. I’m simply just giving that large and ambitious project its own space to prosper instead of clouding up my normal accounts. This way, I won’t only be posting small portions of the universe over different accounts and confuse everyone. Everything will be in one place, just like on the deviantART account.

Until that happens, all the other changes in motivation and priorities merit a new project list, to show you where everything is for me and how important is to me to get to them this year.
You can compare the following list to that of my previous journal to see the changes.

PRIORITIES (will hopefully/surely get to):
- SUPERverse stories (S.U.P.E.R., Fire Fox, etc.) [on new account]
- Okami: Path of the Gods
- Plush Kingdom [on other account]
- Other character/sona stories (Dante Ciaran, Rion Pryde, etc.)
- Kingdom Hearts: The Greater Chain
- Tale of the Fiction Fox (then the Christmas Special)

POSSIBLES (will possibly get to if special circumstances occur):
- Boltro: Lightning Force (old project with unposted chapters sitting around)
- Zootopia stories (“The Blue Fox Caper” fan-fiction and “Under The Collar” AU story)
- Balto -4-
- Weight Gain / Fat Fur stories (Savannah and Forest, Fiction Fox, etc.)
- Oblivion (canon character fighting game scenario story)
- Kodi’s Story [on other account]

NOT VERY LIKELY (practically giving up on these unless a miracle happens):
- Star Fox Adventures 2
- Untitled Kung Fu Panda fan-fiction
- Various story requests/commissions

So yeah, that’s what I’ve been dealing with lately. I just didn’t want to leave you guys in the dark with no updates for so long a time. ^^;

It’s gonna be tough to find the time, guys, but I promise I’m gonna try.

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Aspiring author and musician.
The art and photography is just extra really.

About my writing...
- makes subjects for younger audiences more serious, sets out to create children's stories for adults
- narrator is usually 3rd person, and is meant to know more than characters
- growing focus on description, dialogue always present
- inspired by Stephen Crane, Ernest Hemingway, and other authors

Current Residence: Colorado (born in Louisiana)
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XL
Favourite genre of music: alternative, piano rock, indie, electronica, synthpop
Favourite style of art: cartoony, comic, emo
Operating System: Windows 8.1
MP3 player of choice: Spotify, iPod/iTunes, or my 3DS
Wallpaper of choice: usually music album covers or games
Favourite cartoon character: too many to name


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