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Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness ALBUM REVIEWS!
I’ve been REALLY behind on my music album reviews as of late, having developed about half a dozen that I’d really like to take the time and voice my opinion on.  In fact, I’ve waited SO long and procrastinated SO much that the artist of one of those albums has released ANOTHER album in this span of time!  Given this opportunity, I figured I would kill two birds with one stone, and make it a special occasion by making it a full-fledged upload rather than a journal.
I don’t know about EVERYTHING, music-wise, but people seem to have enjoyed my movie reviews and things in the past.  Hopefully you’ll humor me and give this a read, and you may even find out more about an artist you don’t know yet.
So, the album(s) I would like to review today are from an artist known as Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness.  Those of you who have followed this (BRILLIANT) man’s career may better know him under his full band projects of the past:
:iconboltrobankai:BoltroBankai 0 0
Comic Con haul! by BoltroBankai Comic Con haul! :iconboltrobankai:BoltroBankai 2 0 Made Ya Look! by BoltroBankai Made Ya Look! :iconboltrobankai:BoltroBankai 1 0 Zootopia Stories Teaser [READ DESCRIPTION!] by BoltroBankai Zootopia Stories Teaser [READ DESCRIPTION!] :iconboltrobankai:BoltroBankai 12 2 IT IS MINE! by BoltroBankai IT IS MINE! :iconboltrobankai:BoltroBankai 5 9 #Furry by BoltroBankai #Furry :iconboltrobankai:BoltroBankai 5 5 FAN-tastic Mr. Fox collection by BoltroBankai FAN-tastic Mr. Fox collection :iconboltrobankai:BoltroBankai 2 0 Gamer of Twilight by BoltroBankai Gamer of Twilight :iconboltrobankai:BoltroBankai 1 2 A Very Guardians Christmas, part 2 by BoltroBankai A Very Guardians Christmas, part 2 :iconboltrobankai:BoltroBankai 3 0 A Very Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas by BoltroBankai A Very Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas :iconboltrobankai:BoltroBankai 5 3 Hyrule Warriors get by BoltroBankai Hyrule Warriors get :iconboltrobankai:BoltroBankai 1 9 Five Nights at Sajin's [GAMEPLAY LINK INCLUDED] by BoltroBankai Five Nights at Sajin's [GAMEPLAY LINK INCLUDED] :iconboltrobankai:BoltroBankai 5 0 drifterdriverbikeryoutubeuploadermariokartget by BoltroBankai drifterdriverbikeryoutubeuploadermariokartget :iconboltrobankai:BoltroBankai 2 2 Nerdnoobtryhardspazdropshottercamperlawlz by BoltroBankai Nerdnoobtryhardspazdropshottercamperlawlz :iconboltrobankai:BoltroBankai 0 8 Robby Takac by BoltroBankai Robby Takac :iconboltrobankai:BoltroBankai 1 0 ...and continues by BoltroBankai ...and continues :iconboltrobankai:BoltroBankai 1 0
Mostly going to be stories and other useless junk...

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A very simple and original choice for a first attempt at realism. The pose is kind of difficult to do from my perspective of artwork, b...



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Hey guys and gals, and happy 2018!


2018’s one of those weird-looking numbers/dates to me for some reason.  But I also had an illogical weird feeling with being 19 a few years ago.  Not sure why.  ^^;


ANYWAY, some ups and downs in 2017 huh?

I had my fair share of hardships, sure, but I feel that I accomplished something because my and my family’s MAIN concern (and my 2017 resolution) has been resolved!


To those who weren’t notified before, I FINALLY got a full-time job in September of 2017.  It’s full-time hours in a nice office building with nice steady pay.  As for what I’m doing, the long explanation is that I work for a third-party vendor that supplies customer service for clients…but the short explanation is I’m doing customer service for Kaiser Permanente.  Everyone working there is kind and incredibly supportive.  The customers I talk to…eh…not quite as often, but it’s still a positive experience at times.  I went into this job not knowing a THING about medical insurance, so I’m sure I’m learning some important life lessons here!  For now, it’s everything I need to get my life on track when some big changes get made later on this year.


There are some potential concerns with this job, though, as it’s TECHNICALLY a seasonal non-permanent position, but everyone there says there’s a high chance of staying with them permanently anyway.  I believe they threw out a statistic of keeping 85% of the people they hired the last time they did this process, so I’m not TOO concerned about it.  Either way, we’ll see what happens in a couple more months.


[ Actually, scratch that last paragraph.  In the time since I started writing this journal, I actually found out that I WILL have a permanent position in a different department!  It sounds like it’s going to be an easier job than what I was doing, too!  No need to worry! ]


Now that I have some more steady income, I’ve been taking over the payments for a couple of things my parents have been taking care of previously, which hasn’t been a big deal as I’ve been expecting it to happen this whole time.  Right now it’s just simple things like paying my student loans and an insurance payment or two.  With the rest of my money, I’ve been buying basically all the stuff I wanted when I didn’t have money.  This includes not one, but TWO new gaming consoles!  I finally got my paws on a Nintendo Switch in early-mid November, then in the last days of 2017 I FINALLY got a PS4 of my very own.  That had been a LONG time coming, and it’s a dream come true to have all of this awesome stuff now.  It’s great to have money!


Along with great consoles and games, 2017 was pretty interesting for movies.  As I’ve said in previous journals, “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” was basically my most anticipated film of all time up until its release.  I didn’t really care for the film that much upon a first viewing, but I’ve grown to like it infinitely more with the passage of time.  That’s a story for another journal for another time, though.

“Logan” certainly didn’t disappoint at first viewing, though, and neither did “Thor: Ragnarok” even though they’re practically opposites when it comes to tone and setting.  I have a few minor issues with the latter film there, but overall “Ragnarok” was hilarious and amazing, and I loved it instantly.  “Spider-Man: Homecoming” was actually a pretty big disappointment to me, though.  I wasn’t expecting a whole lot from it as I’m an avid fan of the original Spiderman trilogy, but aside from a few significant moments I just found myself liking “Homecoming” less and less as it goes on.  It had some great scenes in the beginning, and a great twist involving the villain closer to the climax, but overall the setting and scenarios Spidey was put in just didn’t really work for me.

As for DC’s movies, I actually enjoyed them both.  I love “Wonder Woman” as much as everyone else does, and I found “Justice League” to just be okay.

Off the subject of superheroes, the “Beauty and the Beast” remake was surprisingly good and leaves me hopeful for Disney’s similar future endeavors.  I did also see “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” and umm…well…it was a movie, I guess…  I would need another journal to talk about that film as well, likely in a full review.



Looking ahead to this year…hoo boy!

“Avengers: Infinity War” is now my most anticipated film of all time, as it’s the culmination of Marvel’s 10 long years hard at work on their ambitious cinematic universe.  If Infinity War is good, then it’s going to mean it was all worth it and will probably become my favorite film of all time.  If it’s somehow bad…well…I might get depressed as I’ve gotten so invested in this universe for nothing.  It’s a little tougher this time because there needs to be a lot at stake, Thanos needs to be done well, and there are a NUMBER of different possibilities regarding how things can go!  I highly doubt it will be bad though, and I REALLY hope it’s good because it will further motivate me to continue my own little superhero project!  I just need Rocket and Iron Man interacting on the big screen…  <3


Nintendo has also been killing it this past year with the Switch, too, as it’s already almost sold as many systems as the Wii U in its entire lifespan!  I can’t think of too many specific games on the way this year to be excited about at the moment, though.  I THINK Kingdom Hearts 3 MIGHT still be coming this year, maybe?  That would be nice.  Plus THQnordic’s “Biomutant” game looks REALLY cool, and now that I have a console and decent computer for it, I’m REALLY looking forward to that.  Look into it a bit if you haven’t already!



I’m noticing a pattern with my New Year’s resolutions.

My 2016 resolution was about reconnecting with everyone here after living with some real-life friends in an apartment for a while, and last year’s was about cracking down and finally getting my life on track.  This year, now that the job has been locked down and keeps looking better, I’m bringing my resolution right back to you guys.

Specifically, I need to get back to work on contributing content on these sites.  It’s been a staggering FOUR MONTHS since I’ve worked on ANYTHING for the SUPERverse, which is basically how long I’ve been in the new job.  I’ve kept telling myself that I’ll get something done basically every weekend since then, but getting the new consoles and games has largely kept me distracted each time.  I sincerely apologize for going this long without giving you guys any more contributions to the SUPERverse’s world.  I HAVE continued to think about that world constantly, and I am still very much motivated in seeing the concept through!  I hope to get back to work very soon!

I’m also behind on other things, like some photos and things I’ve taken and wanted to upload.  And there’s the reviews and journals I mentioned above that I’d also like to do.  As usual, I also have a number of other projects I’ve wanted to do for a while that I will hopefully get to in this promising new year as well.


And speaking of my projects…

In comparison to last year’s similar journal, here is a list of projects still important enough to me to potentially work on. These projects are all still on my mind and in my heart, but they have been separated into varying levels of motivation and confidence so you’ll know my feelings toward them. Keep in mind this only applies to story projects, specifically chapter-based prose narratives. Artwork, videos, and everything else is still up in the air and will be worked on when time and motivation are right.  It may be worth knowing that not a whole lot has moved around on this list from last year.


PRIORITIES (will hopefully/surely get to):

- SUPERverse stories (S.U.P.E.R., Fire Fox, etc.) [here and elsewhere]

- Zootopia: The Blue Fox Caper (Zootopia fan-fiction)

- Zootopia: Under The Collar (Zootopia AU story)

- Kingdom Hearts: The Greater Chain

- Tale of the Fiction Fox (then the Christmas Special)


POSSIBLES (will possibly get to if special circumstances occur):

- Balto -4-

- Okami: Path of the Gods

- Star Fox Adventures 2

- Weight Gain / Fat Fur stories (Savannah and Forest, Fiction Fox, etc.)

- Oblivion (canon character fighting game scenario story)

- Boltro: Lightning Force (old project with unposted chapters sitting around)

- Other character/sona stories (Dante Ciaran, etc.)


NOT VERY LIKELY (practically giving up on these unless a miracle happens):

- Plush Kingdom [other account]

- Kodi’s Story [other account]

- Untitled Kung Fu Panda fan-fiction

- Various story requests/commissions


I hope to make progress this year on everything listed under PRIORITIES. They’re what I currently care about the most; I’ve promised them and hope to deliver on my promises.

POSSIBLES are a lot of older ideas with motivation/inspiration that’s harder to come by, but if I can find something to put a specific kind of fire under me, I could make some progress on them again.

Things in the NOT VERY LIKELY section I haven’t ruled out ENTIRELY, but I’m either not confident or don’t really care about the ideas anymore. If I have promised you ANY story over the past years, know that your project is likely a part of the “Various story requests/commissions” section.



I think that’s it for now.

Here’s hoping 2018 continues to be a great year!


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About my writing...
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- growing focus on description, dialogue always present
- inspired by Stephen Crane, Ernest Hemingway, and other authors

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